3 Surprising Ordinary Objects That Make Moving Easier

3 Surprising Ordinary Objects That Make Moving Easier

Few people enjoy moving, yet the ordeal of transferring your life and household from one point to the next consumes almost 40 million Americans each year.

But don’t let this statistic dishearten you if you’re getting ready to move. With a little planning, a good moving company, and some helpful tools, you will survive your move. Take a look at these three surprising ordinary objects that make moving a little easier.

1. Notebook

As the weeks and days leading to the move progress, you’ll find that one of your best friends is an ordinary notebook. If you’re old school and like the feel of paper and pen, find a lined version with fullsize pages. Otherwise, technology users can manage well with a phone.

Your notebook – or phone – will be useful for recording information during different phases of your move.

Planning Phase

Use a notebook during the planning phase when moving seems overwhelming. Compile important lists that pertain to your move. Write down tasks like return books to the library, cancel water delivery, and contact your child’s school.

What special supplies will you need to accommodate your belongings? Calculate how many boxes you need to hold all of your belongings. Write it down. Do your research on different moving companies and jot down estimates.

Packing Phase

The packing phase is the perfect time to make an inventory of your items. Doing so will provide a better idea of which belongings to donate or toss, and you’ll be more organized while unpacking at your new place.

Also, you can make an inventory of moving boxes. Label packed boxes with a simple number rather than a room. Then, add content details to your notebook that correspond with that number box. For example, box 23 contains cookbooks, pot holders, and the big frying pan. This system comes in handy later when faced with a dozen boxes marked kitchen and all you need is that big frying pan.

Moving Day Phase

During the moving phase, record important moving day information such as the details of your personal schedule. For example, the notebook helps you remember to drop your toddler off at your sister’s house at 10 am before the moving truck arrives at 11. Don’t forget a reminder to pick up your teenager from school at 2 pm. Moving day can get crazy so you need all the organizational help you can get.

2. Safety Deposit Box

The safety deposit box serves several purposes on moving day. Place all important documents and valuables for the move in your safety deposit box rather than a brown moving box. You can lock the box to ensure the safety of all your important items. Finally, that box is simple to personally transport in your vehicle, secure, and easy to identify when you do reach your destination.

3. All-Purpose Cleaner

One time-consuming but necessary task of moving is cleaning. However, you can shorten cleaning time with a good all-purpose cleaner. You know best what grime your home contains, so make sure you choose the right cleaner.

  • For homes with extremely dusty areas like ceiling fan blades and door rails, use a product designed for removing dust.
  • You don’t have to repaint walls and baseboards with lots of scuff marks. Save time and scrub them off with cleaners designed for such a purpose.

If you still want to save time and stress when faced with a dirty house before you move, pay someone to do the job for you. For more assistance with your move, call the helpful movers at Lafayette Moving Company. Ask us for an estimate to move you across town or across country and see how we compare with other estimates recorded in your moving notebook.

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